We are very popular with restaurants, pubs and B&Bs who are willing to collect and pay by cash or credit card for premium quality and fantastic value!

Please order in advance.

These are our most popular bulk items:

Prices Accurate 15/07/2017 and are subject to change.

Beef Pieces over 5Kg €7.50 /kg
Reg Mince over 5Kg €4.50 /kg
Steak Mince over 5Kg €5.50 /kg
Sirloin Roast Beef €12.00 /kg
Topside Roast Beef €9.00 /kg
Loose 6oz Striploin Steaks Catering €3.50 each
Loose 4oz Burgers Catering (Min 50) €0.45 each
Loose 4oz Premium Burgers (Min 50) €0.75 each
LOOSE SAUSAGES over 5Kg €5.00 /kg
Full Green Back €4.50 /kg
Full Smoked Back €5.00 /kg
Loose Pork Chops Catering (min 50) €0.65 each
Turkey Butterfly €8.50 /kg
10 Pack Chicken Fillets (125g) €10.00 each
40 Pack Chicken Fillets (125g) €35.00 each
Box of Drumsticks (min 60, ave 80) €25.00 each
Box of Chicken Legs 10kg (ave 28) €22.00 each
Loose Chicken Scewers (min 50) €0.65 each
Box of Wings (min 90, ave 120) €28.00 each
Breaded Gougons 10kg+ €6.30 /kg
Chicken Battered Balls 5Kg €35.00 each
Southern Fried Goujons 10kg+ €6.75 /kg
Box of Spiced Drumsticks (min 60) €27.00 each
Box of Spiced Wings (min 90) €30.00 each




Striploin Steak x3 20% OFF
Striploin Steak x2 20% OFF
Rib Eye Steak 20% OFF
Sirloin Steak 20% OFF
Fillet Steak 20% OFF
Top Rump 20% OFF
Round Steak 20% OFF